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Annual Survey about Use of Dimensions of Data Quality

In order to understand the current use of the dimensions of data quality and whether data management practitioners would adopt a standard if one existed, began the Annual survey about the Dimensions of Data Quality back in the spring of 2015. It has been conducted every March-April timeframe now for the last three years. The survey is a web-based assessment distributed via LinkedIn, Twitter, Email, etc.

The 2017 survey showed that (similar to prior years) most of the respondents said that they are interested in an industry standard set of dimensions of data quality (81%). We believe this confirms the interest in the Conformed Dimensions of Data Quality, and the need to further publicize the existance of the resource.

Interest in Standard for Dimensions of Data Quality

The 2017 survey yielded some interesting information:

  • 40% of respondent’s organizations classify data related defects using the dimensions of DQ on an ongoing basis.
  • Many industries falling behind without use of the dimensions of data quality (e.g. Utilities, Chemicals, Mining, Petroleum, Textiles, Federal Government…etc.)
  • Accessibility dimension jumped from 10th to 7th this year, which we loosely associate with the larger focus on Data Lakes and having more data available in one place for data consumers.
  • Top 4 most popularly used dimensions are: Accuracy, Completeness, Consistency, and Validity

The 2017 report can be accessed Here
The 2016 report can be accessed Here
The 2015 report can be accessed Here.